Damien Hillyer Residence


Hi Damien! We are so excited to help you find art for your beautiful home. 


Below we have a few black artists that we think would work great in your space. Click the links (located under the names of each artist) to view their portfolio of available works. If you are interested in having a custom commission, please let us know which artist(s) you'd like to work with by emailing us at info@daileystudios.net.

We will provide you with a certificate of authenticity for each piece you purchase, and can assist with the installation as well!

Let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or would like to see works from other artists.

Thank you!

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"Art is not a luxury; it is a necessity. It documents history -- it helps educate people and store knowledge for generations to come. Generations of people that don’t see themselves in art lose their history. My art allows me to develop an identity and be able to say:  'This is my story. This is what I know.'"

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Liz Miller

Liz Miller's work explores the connection between our roots and contemporary America. Textile, ancestry, and contemporary black culture are her inspirations.  Her work takes the form of static installations, artifacts of rituals and/or full-scale performances, films, and social experiments.

Cataloging hair stories since her formative years, Liz celebrates the limitless potential of hair, as it relates to African-American culture. 

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Art in general is about taking up space, being heard, and being visible without fear, or in spite of fear.


Jeffrey Felten-Green


Many of my ideas are satirical, playful and at times, serious. They are snapshots of everyday life, or a life I conceive of in my imagination.

My collections of African inspired painting, icons, political paintings, folk pieces and parodies reflect my influences, muses, and the things that are important to me.

I love bright colors, and I love to evoke a mood for the observer. I do not like to tell the same story when I create.

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 CRWN’s paintings focus on novelty, movement and irony. With his strikingly bold color usage, abnormal figuration, and paradoxical composition, CRWN’s paintings read like a multiverse. Obscure gestures, scenery, and symbolism synchronistically infuse together on canvas. 

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